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Innovation Depot

Innovation Depot is the pulse of Birmingham’s Switch District, and they came to us looking for fresh branding and program naming to up their visibility as a magnet for innovators across the Southeast and beyond.

Creative Director Dave Hildebrand wanted to reflect Innovation Depot’s magnetism in his design for the new logo, which features two parts unified by a circle. “The ‘innovation’ piece represents the brilliant minds in ID’s network, and the ‘depot’ part represents the physical space where the community comes together to grow their ideas. Innovation Depot is what brings them together,” Dave said.

Wired Wisteria

Wired Wisteria: This light purplish/blue hue is the color of creativity and gracefulness. It signifies a feeling of enchantment and wonder.

Velocity Violet

Velocity Violet: The energy of red combined with the calm of blue. This color inspires reflection and self-awareness. Violet has long been associated with quality. The color hints at the purple used in clicked hyperlinks across the web.

Innovation Indigo

Innovation Indigo: The color of trust, it instills confidence and inspires feelings of loyalty. Credible, professional, reliable. This color calls to mind the blue of hyperlinks, and it is also one of the typical colors found on a magnet.

Responsive Red

Responsive Red: The color of excitement, energy, passion and attention. This red tone stimulates strength, vibrancy and strong emotions. It is also one of the typical colors on a magnet. This will be the main call-to-action color for Innovation Depot.

Business Black

Business Black: The color of empowerment and sophistication. It is classic, strong and stylish.

Pattern: This modern, innovative geometric pattern incorporates all of the above colors in an artistic layout of gradient shades and light effects to create a futuristic, sci-fi, Bladerunner 2049 vibe.

The new logo is modern and sleek to illustrate Innovation Depot’s forward-thinking approach to startup businesses, and the futuristic color palette draws a connection to technology. The colors come to life in animated textures in digital applications of the logo.

Tying everything together, the new colors and visual identity are also part of the renamed programming at The Depot: VisionID, Voltage and Velocity. These programs are completed in a series, each building on the one before. We created the stripes in the “V” of this new visual identity to communicate the levels of programing.

Then we punched the whole thing up with a new tagline that clearly communicates what The Depot does and shows off their personality:

Where Startups Start Up


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