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Drive Electric Alabama

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs wanted to help Alabama drivers navigate and welcome the electric vehicle age. We launched a fully integrated campaign across Alabama to raise awareness and change perceptions of electric vehicles.

Brand Identity Development

Before initiating a campaign, we needed to understand what Alabama drivers already thought of electric vehicles. We conducted research, focus groups, and surveys and learned that Alabama drivers weren’t thinking much at all about EVs. When prompted to think about EVs, battery life concerns and charging logistics demanded their attention.

We created the campaign Drive Electric Alabama to address concerns and raise awareness of EVs. “Drive” presents a call to action and also positions ADECA as a “driver” of change. There is a state-by-state buy-in around the “Drive Electric” name, showing that Alabama is part of the unified cause on a larger scale.

The A in the logo features an electricity bolt and subtly takes the shape of Alabama.

We chose blue because it’s the color of electricity, and the electric blue gradient is a popular color within the EV world. It fits well within the tech-world aesthetic, while also looking like a clean sky to reflect eco-friendliness.

Social Media Strategy

“Electric Gets You There” was our message across all mediums. Our social media strategy included informative, dynamic and influential posts to gain interest in and present the truth about EVs.

Out of Home

All across the state, we referenced recognizable places in messaging on billboards to resonate with residents. By highlighting familiar, iconic locations that Alabama drivers know the distance to, we addressed driving range anxiety associated with EVs.

Digital Display

Different types and sizes of EVs were visually included to combat the assumption that all EVs are small. Across the campaign, straightforward language echoed the benefits that EVs can have on residents and Alabama as a whole.


Engaging content encouraged people to learn more about EVs by visiting the campaign’s website that we designed and developed.

Visit Website


It was important for us to communicate that although quiet, EVs are powerful. Not only do they have powerful driving capabilities, but they also have the power to drive more jobs and benefits to Alabama.


From storyboards to video production, we created short videos featuring EVs with Alabama tags pulling into popular destinations across the state.


By showing Alabama what EVs really look like, what they’re capable of, and how we all can benefit from them, we recharged drivers’ perceptions with education and optimism. EVs are here to stay. Wherever Alabama drivers are going, electric gets them there.

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