Helping a GRAMMY-Nominated Producer Make Hits With Taylor Swift & BTS

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Ken Lewis - GreenHAAS

When legendary Music Producer Ken Lewis invented GreenHAAS, a new audio plugin, he wanted to offer users more than the expected plugin experience.

He came to Telegraph with a unique vision of the new audio plugin and a video game living in perfect harmony.

Unlike most audio plugins that visually mimic physical pieces of software equipment, the client wanted GreenHAAS to be fun—like playing a game of Plants vs. Zombies.

Our goal was to make the interface simple and enjoyable to use. To create a cohesive appearance, we used an old wooden texture for the logo, buttons, and backgrounds.

We created various animations to match features with visual complements. For example, as the sundial turns the monster plant next to it transforms from a potted plant, resembling something you might see in the movie Little Shop of Horrors.

By excluding some specific functionality labels and instead only including cartoon-like visuals, we fuel users’ imaginations and stimulate creativity. This leads users to experiment with sounds in interesting ways that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Songs GreenHAAS has been used on:

“Vigilante Shit” – Taylor Swift
“December Back to June” – Alicia Keys
“LaLa” – Alicia Keys, feat. Sway Lee
“Plentiful” – Alicia Keys, feat. Pusha T
“Born Singer” – BTS
“Young Love” – BTS
“Quotation Mark” – BTS
“Arson” – J-Hope (BTS)
“Safety Zone” – J-Hope (BTS)
“Pandora’s Box” – J-Hope (BTS)
“YUN” – RM (BTS), feat. Ericka Badu
“Closer” – RM (BTS), feat. Paul Blanco & Mahalia
“Call It Like I See It” – Big Time Rush
“Mascara” – XG
“Remember to Pray” – Spragga Benz, feat. Bounty Killer
“Jane Doe” – Leyla Blue
“Go Down Swinging” – Skrizzly Adams
“Hot Stuff” – Donna Summer
“Bad Girls” – Donna Summer
“The Last Dance” – Donna Summer
“Lightning Crashes” – LIVE X AVIRA
“The Book of Nabeel” Album – Poo Bear


By mixing up the typical appearance of an audio plugin, we helped Ken Lewis provide a unique and fun user experience. Since launching, GreenHAAS has been used to create hits by some of the industry’s biggest artists and at the 66th GRAMMY Awards Ken was awarded the GRAMMY for Album of the Year for his engineering/mixing work on Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” album.

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