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The Fennec

We took a client’s idea of opening a multipurpose venue and created a unique oasis with an intriguing story, striking a chord in Birmingham’s social scene.

There’s no place quite like The Fennec in Birmingham. Unlike other bars, restaurants and concert venues, The Fennec offers event spaces, live music, elevated food and curated drink menus—all under one roof. It started when a client came to us with an idea of opening a multipurpose venue.

We pulled inspiration from old theaters and saloons in the West to not only create a brand, but also tell a story. Naming exploration led us to the desert and the fennec fox, a nocturnal animal with traits fitting the brand. As a socialite, the fox gathers roamers and ramblers together much like The Fennec.

In the brand’s story, the fox’s identifiable ears develop a new purpose outside of the wild as they take in sound quality only heard at The Fennec. Its ears and shape are incorporated in the logo, and its personality is captured in the copy.

Colors chosen for the brand are drawn from natural features found in the desert. They reference sunsets and plant life with The Fennec’s soul in mind. Though calming and soothing, the colors still spark an adventurous spirit.

To distinguish the different spaces within The Fennec, we created names and logos that reflect each area’s purpose. In the logo for The Foxhole Lounge, their VIP Cocktail Bar, a small door visually calls to mind the privacy the lounge offers. The logo for their upstairs event space,The Social, features the recognizable ears and shape of the fennec fox.

We created their website with intricate aspects that match The Fennec’s originality. Graphics on the homepage move at the pace of your scroll. As you browse, the moon progresses through the sky, and the fox makes its way across the desert.

Color variations and original copy on coasters, matchboxes and t-shirts show the brand’s personality beyond their logo on merchandise. Course and cocktail titles reflect the brand’s western inspirations with names like “Bandana Burger” and “Desert Julep”.

When researching interior design, we reviewed artists who recorded in Alabama. This inspired the mural of Hank Williams in the music venue, and the line, “Hey good lookin”, that lives on the bathroom mirror.

In pictures of dishes served at The Fennec, we captured the elaborate culinary experience they offer. The pictures also give viewers a peek into The Fennec’s elegant atmosphere.

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