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Alabama Family Central

Create a campaign to raise awareness of Alabama Family Central as a go-to resource for Alabama Families when searching for services and programs that help support families and help them raise healthy, happy kids that thrive. In turn, the goal was to drive more traffic to and increase adoption of AFC as a primary resource for Alabama Families.

The Outcome

Alabama families are often overwhelmed when seeking the right services for their families. That’s why we set out to remove the stress and anxiety that are so frequently the barriers to families getting the help they need.

The Answers for Alabama campaign not only succinctly communicates the value that Alabama Family Central provides, it also speaks to the larger issues AFC is solving for Alabama communities. Alabama families struggle to find help with many issues regarding health services, education, child care, and family services. By providing easy access to answers for these families, we have been able to make an impact on the state as a whole. We created a messaging formula that is encouraging, while challenging families to “take the first search” on Alabama Family Central.


The Answers for Alabama wordmark is reflective of a conversation bubble from a first-person point of view as if they are answering the questions the audience is asking.


:30 spots encouraged families to leverage AFC as a resource and “take the first search” at We strategically showed a wide variety of families and services to ensure all families across Alabama could relate to the spot and know we are here for their specific needs.


:30 spots ran with both male and female voices to ensure we were relatable to all potential caregivers.

Digital Advertisement

The conversation bubble from the logo is a visual carried throughout the campaign. This created a formula where we always show the problem as a question and solution as an answer. We also leveraged color coding to distinguish between the different categories – health services, child care, family services and education.


We redesigned the homepage to connect the question and answer talk bubbles from our campaign with the search functionality to reinforce providing “Answers for Alabama.”  We also redesigned the UX of the search results to better display filtered and relevant results.

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