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Business Interiors, Inc., is known for their expertise in the interior design industry—but they didn’t become experts overnight. They’ve been building their legacy for more than 36 years, and they came to Telegraph to help bring their brand into a new era.

Business Interiors, an established full-service interior design company, has a strong reputation in Birmingham and across the United States. In an effort to reflect its legacy in a more contemporary way, we focused on evolving Business Interiors’ visual identity when rebranding while maintaining its integrity.

The company has grown immensely since their modest start in 1986, and they credit their growth to their people and customer-centric approach. We created a video that leans into their history and highlights their team, relationships, and innovative nature. As Business Interiors continues to grow in new ways as a MillerKnoll Certified Dealer, the exclusive partner of Falkbuilt, and more, this anthemic video tells the story of who they are and their plans for the future.

Columns and other elements of the brand’s previous logo inspired our creation of a new logo that is more modern and simplistic. By using a neutral color palette, we maintained the brand’s sophistication and positioned their interior design solutions to shine.

We carried rebranded elements throughout all aspects of their business, from team apparel to business cards and more. With a more advanced and consumable layout, we redesigned Business Interiors’ website to showcase their people, their expertise, and the story they will continue to build on for years to come.

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