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The modern 24/7 news cycle has made it impossible to keep track of important developments, with an unlimited number of news outlets publishing waves of content each day. In an effort to help savvy consumers separate the signal from the noise, media entrepreneur Taylor Budowich came to Telegraph with an idea.

Prior to app development, our team determined a name and identity for the brand to solidify the concept. The client had a clear vision for the brand to fit alongside other edgy tech apps. With this in mind, we conducted naming labs and landed on the name MxM News, with “MxM” standing for “Minute by Minute”.

The client wanted to create a single platform to house curated stories from diverse sources and notify people of breaking news. Telegraph brought this idea to life by creating the brand and mobile app, MxM News.

The hourglass figure in the logo speaks to the timeliness of updated news and the platform’s promise to filter through media clutter. We chose colors that are fresh, familiar, and complimentary of other trusted sources.

To deliver curated news articles to potentially millions of people from a variety of publications, we couldn’t use any “out of the box” CMS. This required us to design a highly customized interface to easily allow administrators to plug in stories and notify users of breaking news. UX discovery and design focused on capturing the essence of the brand while offering users a seamless experience. Simple and intuitive, the layout of the app embodies the brand’s efforts to cut through the noise and get to the heart of current issues.

Unique Swiping Feature
Users can easily swipe left and right to next and previous stories with the app’s unique swiping feature.

MxM News is highly available to a broad audience and even more highly secured. Drawing from our team’s unique experience in the National Security space, we identified partners and resources to provide the platform with robust and customized security.

Initial versions of the app were available to a select group of users during our testing periods. We gathered feedback on their experience, and the app launched to the public in March of 2022. Within 24 hours, MxM News jumped to #1 on the Apple App Store with a 4.7 star rating.

#1 on Apple Store within 24 hours

In place of an in-house tech team, we serve as MxM News’ external technology and development team. Through product management and support, we’re able to continuously help improve the platform for users and administrators.

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