This Mother’s Day is like no other in recent memory. With social distancing and sheltering in place, it’s a difficult year to connect with our moms and mother figures on a day that should be all about connecting with each other.

If your work is like ours, and working remotely has become the new norm, you spend countless hours popping in and out of Zoom meetings. You click a link in a meeting invite and join a grid of coworkers without question, ready to discuss the next topic on your agenda.

We decided to use that to our advantage and surprise our employees with unexpected video chats with their special someone. We set up fake meetings, scheduled them throughout the work week, and when our employees logged into the meeting, they were face-face with MOM! What happened next—the surprise, the joy, the emotions, the laughs, the tears—well, you just gotta see that for yourself.

Probably the most unique perspective on this project was that of Catherine May, our Producer/Director who played moderator on almost every mom call and got to see all the connections happening first hand.

Producing this video was truly a special experience for me. Being relatively new to Telegraph, these hours on the phone with my coworkers and their special someone allowed me to view them in a much more complex and dynamic way. I feel closer to this team than I could have ever imagined, and I was so impressed with each of the raw and authentic approaches to the surprise calls. I’m thankful to work with a team that takes advantage of special moments like these and embraces them to their fullest. I realize that it was such a privilege to witness these conversations, and I feel very lucky to have learned so much about the human experience from each of these individuals.