Instagram’S New Algorithm Could Help Your Brand

Instagram’S New Algorithm Could Help Your Brand

We know you’ve been told a million times already, but in case you haven’t heard: Instagram is changing its algorithm.

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably feeling a bit nervous right now. And with good reason. Instagram’s “real time” feed gave the little guys a chance to compete with huge well-known brands. It leveled the playing field and allowed startups to be seen without paying for ad spots.

But is Instagram’s update really the end of the world? Absolutely not! In fact, it may actually help you!

Instagram’s update may change the way your followers view photos, but the function of your feed does not. Your job is (and always was) to become an account users want to follow by producing quality content. This change is actually a huge opportunity for smaller brands to go back to basics and start producing content that drives authentic engagement.

So before you start blaming the algorithm for your lack of followers, ask yourself if your content is worth following. Was it relevant? Was it valuable? Did it have a purpose or did you post just to post?

If you are creating awesome content that is engaging to your audience, then the algorithm isn’t going to change that. Rather, the algorithm is designed to cut out clutter and allow users to actually see photos that are relevant to their interests.  In the long run, Instagram’s update fosters a better user experience, which is ultimately what the app was created for in the first place.

Gary Vaynerchuk explains the new update like this: “It’s a triple thumbs up not because it’s better for ad dollars, but because it’s better for the end user and anything that is better for the end user is the winning formula.”

Instead of wasting your time being frustrated about the new update, start thinking about ways you can improve the way you do business on Instagram. (And no, that doesn’t mean creating yet another “turn on notifications” graphic #eyeroll)

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