Brands We Love

Brands We Love

Brands We Love

Brands are our thing. We notice them, we remember them, and we get inspired by the ones we love. Below, we’re sharing some of our favorite brands and why they get the Telegraph Team’s bolt of approval.


Southwest Airlines 

Whether we’re browsing, purchasing flights or recalling a brand we love, this airline comes to mind. Maybe it’s the heart in their logo. Regardless, Southwest’s personable and friendly tone make the brand uniquely approachable. David Hildebrand, Creative Director here at Telegraph, put it best when saying they “humanized air travel” after rebranding years ago. They take pride in putting the customer first, and that’s definitely something we’re on board with. 


Karbach Brewing Company 

We’ve heard everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the personality of this craft beer brand.Their designs keep people on their toes, and their tagline, “Crafted for Fun” speaks right to our heart. Unironically, the beer lived through its taglined purpose when it found our design intern, Levi Sanford. While having fun at a baseball game in Houston, the brand caught his eye, and he has since turned to them for inspiration. Their focus on quality beer, inclusivity and hospitality has us admiring the brand’s take on a glass half-full mentality. 


Halfway Crooks Beer

We’re pouring over this quirky beer brand. The brand’s cultural references are often obscure, the art is lo-fi and the copywriting is poetic, even though it seems as if it was written by a machine that only just learned English. It gives us an “old-world-European-meets-graphic-dryness-through-a-post-ironic-contemporary-lense” vibe. Our Associate Creative Director, Nolen Strals, said once he began to understand that they were doing their own weird thing, he came to also understand the inscrutable beauty of it. In the heart of Atlanta where many brands are so highly polished, this brand stands out— and to that we say, “Cheers!” 


Fifty-Nine Parks 

Fifty-Nine Parks is a brand with a print series that gives back. On posters and other merchandise, illustrations paired with type capture the distinguished beauty in each of our National Parks. Savvy Meek, Telegraph Graphic Designer and collector of 59 Parks merch, pointed out the brand’s unique use of modern typefaces with a more vintage style that elevates classic prints. The brand unites artists under a common goal as part of the poster sales go to The National Park Service. With a purpose just as beautiful as its designs, this brand is a breath of fresh air. 


At Telegraph, we appreciate even the smallest details that add up to fully characterize a brand. We love brands that come to life, and we’re obsessed with bringing our clients’ brands to life every day.