3 Marketing Perks Of Instagram Stories

3 Marketing Perks Of Instagram Stories

Instagram announced this morning a new feature called – wait for it – Instagram Stories. You heard that right. Sure the new feature is almost an exact replica of Snapchat, but we aren’t complaining. Here are a few reasons why Instagram Stories will be better than Snapchat for business marketing.

It’s Public

If your business is on Snapchat, you understand the pain of gaining followers. You have to be intentional about marketing your username. And while your customers may search for you, it’s highly unlikely that they will find you among the million of users. Instagram stories, however, are available for everyone to see, as long as your profile is set to public. This makes it easy for your customers and potential customers to see what you’re up to!

No More Overposting

One of the main reasons Snapchat Stories is so popular is because users can share without overposting. While users may only post once or twice a day on Instagram, they can post an unlimited amount on their Snapchat stories without fear of annoying their followers. So why is this important? Imagine you were a clothing store and just received a huge shipment of items that will hit the store later that week. Rather than bombarding your Instagram followers will 100 images of the new arrivals, you can now just upload them to your Instagram stories. It’s a win-win because your followers can still see the items, but on their own terms!

It’s All on One Platform

If a user follows your business account, they are interested in you! Of course users want to see beautiful imagery, but they are also interested in the authentic moments of your business. That’s why following brands on Snapchat is so intriguing. Snapchat allows users to see those behind the scenes moments that aren’t perfectly crafted. Instagram now gives users the best of both worlds with curated photography mixed with candid moments all in one place. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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