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20 Gifts Every Creative Needs

When it comes to buying the perfect gift, we all need a little push in the right direction. Are you struggling to decide what to get the creative in your life? The Telegraph team submitted their favorite Christmas wants, and we compiled their responses to curate the perfect 2020 creative gift guide. Scroll through for some giftspiration! 


  1. Ampersand Crewneck → Because we want to flaunt our favorite fonts
  2. iPad Screen Protector Because we’re coffee-spill prone
  3. Sharpie Art Book→ Because a Sharpie tip holds a million possibilities
  4. Elaborate PuzzleBecause we’re still problem solvers outside the office
  5. Brass Candle LighterBecause we need to keep the creative spark going
  6. Pencil SharpenerBecause we’re constantly erasing and starting from scratch
  7. Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad → Because even the most creative minds still need a little push
  8. Chromatic Puzzle → Because a chromatic visual piece is therapeutic
  9. Impala SkatesBecause why the heck not?
  10. Pantone Notebooks→ Because we need a place to scribble for on-the-go inspiration
  11. Letterpress Calendar → Because we need to stay organized (or at least pretend to try)
  12. Waterproof Writing Pad  → Because our best ideas come to us in the shower
  13. Pin Art Board → Because we like to keep our desk looking fresh
  14. Desktop SpeakersBecause sometimes we need a tune to get us in the groove
  15. Noise-Canceling Headphones → Because sometimes the tunes are a little too distracting
  16. Creative Tee-ShirtsBecause we love a good graphic tee
  17. Lego Classic Creative Suitcase → Because we’re never too old to play with legos
  18. Apple Juice Sticker → Because we love to spruce up our laptop with some fun stickers
  19. Under Desk Foot RestBecause we need a little TLC after a day of creating
  20. LED Task LampBecause—let’s shed some light on the situation, shall we?