dots and dashes
Brutally honest and quite often mind-blowing conversations about branding design and all things digital.
Rebecca Terrell
April 19, 2017
Play hard. Travel often.
How a new website was able to capture the personality behind a popular lifestyle and travel brand.
Kevin Mclendon
April 11, 2017
Welcome to the Jungle.
They've been building the town. We've been building the brand.
Rebecca Terrell
March 3, 2017
Bringing Home the ADDYs.
The Telegraph team wins ADDYs at the AAF Birmingham Awards Ceremony!
Rebecca Terrell
February 7, 2017
Which commercials were the star of the show? Read on to find out which ones caught our team's attention!
Rebecca Terrell
August 2, 2016
3 Marketing Perks of Instagram Stories
Oh SNAP - Instagram takes stab at Snapchat Stories!
Mark Jamroz
July 20, 2016
Learn 5 Key Things About SEO in About 5 Minutes.
Everything you ever wanted to know about SEO in a nutshell.
Rebecca Terrell
June 16, 2016
Facebook Goes Offline: What You Need to Know About Conversion Lift
All your marketing dreams are about to come true!
Mark Jamroz
April 7, 2016
Make friends.
Can you really sell anything on social media?
Rebecca Terrell
March 31, 2016
Is Snapchat the future of marketing?
Move over Instagram, Snapchat is having a moment.
Rebecca Terrell
March 29, 2016
Instagram's New Algorithm Could Help Your Brand
Is Instagram’s update really the end of the world?
Mark Jamroz
March 24, 2016
Are termites eating your brand?
Branding begins from within.
Rebecca Terrell
February 25, 2016
What Does Facebook Reactions Mean For Your Brand?
Facebook users are about to get a lot more… well, emotional.
Rebecca Terrell
February 16, 2016
Understanding Your Social Media Audience
When it comes to social media marketing these days, “good” just won’t do. You have to be great...
Marianna Lyon
February 10, 2016
Tele Talk: Super Bowl 50
The Telegraph team talks the good, the bad and the just plain weird ads of the Super Bowl 2016.
Kevin Mclendon
July 16, 2014
All Eyes On: Super Sprowtz
Teaching children across the nation to eat their peas and carrots is no easy task..
Alex Kistler
June 4, 2014
Social Media’s Status
If you are thinking about getting into the social game it’s never too late...
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