How Our Digital Team Works | Telegraph Creative

In today’s constantly connected world, you have to market smarter to motivate consumers to take action.

Conversion Planning
Conversions are the life blood of any successful business. Whether your looking for sales, followers, visits, leads or any number of other conversions, we have a proven method for growing them by combining both logical and emotional triggers that drive consumers to take action.
Logical Decision Drivers In today’s 24/7 connected world, cutting through the clutter is just as important as crafting the right creative. By using these five areas of targeting, we ensure your message is seen by the right people.
Logical Decision Drivers DEMO includes: Geography, HH Income, Age, Gender, Education Level, Occupation, Marital Status, Family Size, etc.
Emotional Decision Drivers We have determined that these five basic motivations are behind essentially all consumers’ decisions. We use these to inform our messaging and creative to connect with our target.
GAIN: Status, Wealth, Joy, Knowledge, etc.

LOSE: Weight, Worries, Expenses, Habits, etc.

SAVE: Money, Time, Effort, Overhead, etc.

EXPRESS: Interests, Beliefs, Empathy, Support, etc.

AVOID: Costs, Waste, Risk, Negativity, etc.
One-Two Punch
Coming out of our initial conversion planning, we are able to establish both logical contact points and emotional connection points that work together to drive conversions for your business. But that’s just where we get started.
The Real Value
Our conversion planning establishes a great baseline, but that’s really just our starting point. The real value we bring comes in tracking what is driving conversions and uncovering insights that we can act on to increase your conversion rate through optimization on both sides of our conversion strategy.