The Terminal

Wet, Hot Telegraph Summer

Grab your thermos and bandanas because we’re recapping our work retreat, Camp Tele 2018!

In the last few months, we’ve gained some new faces around the office. So what better way to build relationships than over s’mores and team building activities? With another successful year of Sloss Tech in the books, new talent settling into the office, and projects that require out-of-the-box thinking, we knew it was time to take a break from the norm, recharge our minds and stay focused on what makes us great: creative innovation.

Picture it, Camp Firewood 1981. Camp counselors are falling in love and vegetables cans are talking. Just kidding, that’s Wet, Hot American Summer, but it served as a stellar theme for our work retreat.

First on the agenda: team building activities, a.k.a The Survivor Challenge

Seven challenges, four teams, one winner. While fun was had by all, each challenge held a particular skill set – communication, critical thinking, sheer strength and some Eagle Scout experience. But only one team could take The Goblet of Fire…Sauce, and this year that team was Team Yellow. They say a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, but CampTele 2019 is already stacking up to be cutthroat.

Next on the agenda: Agency Vision and Growth

Gotta learn something at camp, right? We took some time to hear from our Associate Creative Director, Shannon Long and two Senior Camp Counsellors, Kevin McClendon and Seth Griffin about the vision and goals for Telegraph as a brand and as a team.

We have some pretty exciting news and while we’re pumped about it, we can’t share just yet. But we suggest following us on social, so you’re the first to know. We’ll have some details coming soon.

Last on the agenda: Gotta Get That Drone Shot

Because pics or it didn’t happen. What can we say? We like to have fun. And then document the fun. You can check that out below – all credit goes to our wildly talented team of photographers and videographers.

All in all, CampTele was a success. We may not have saved camp from a deadly piece of NASA’s Skylab that’s hurtling toward earth, but the #TeleFam did leave refreshed and energized for what’s to come. See ya next year, campers!