Rebecca Terrell
Rebecca Terrell
June 2, 2017
There’s a New Gym in Town!

Wheelhouse (noun):  A place or situation in which one is advantageously at ease.

One step through the glass doors of Wheelhouse Academy and you’ll begin to understand why this is the perfect definition for Birmingham’s newest training facility. Founded by professional trainer and fitness consultant Luan Nguyen and business partner David Morris, Wheelhouse was born out of the notion that learning the right way to workout is just as important as the workout itself. (And trust us - the workouts are no joke!)




The Telegraph / Wheelhouse relationship truly began long before a new gym concept even emerged. After coaching some of our team at another gym years ago, it seemed like a natural fit for Luan to reach out to Telegraph when searching for an agency to help with branding. After many meetings and brainstorms, David and Luan both felt confident in the Telegraph team’s skillset, and that’s when the project began.


David and Luan both had a strong vision for the brand, but they weren’t entirely sure how to bring that vision to life. That’s where our team came into play.  Luan and David envisioned Wheelhouse to be a space where athletes could improve their body and improve their life. A place where members would feel comfortable working out and hanging out.

See the name association now?

Our work with Wheelhouse included designing a logo and visual identity, developing a website, creating merch and swag, and crafting a video for marketing purposes. Because the social aspect of Wheelhouse was incredibly important, our team focused on developing a brand that athletes would be proud to represent. As the lead designer on the project puts it: “We helped position them into a perfect arena - by talking to a unique audience using a unique message and workout regimen. People will be refreshed to learn that Wheelhouse is about learning for yourself, not competing against each other.”  (David Hildebrand)


And that’s just what our team has found within the Wheelhouse community! While the majority of us work out regularly at various gyms and studios around town, we can honestly say that Wheelhouse is different from any other training facility. Laura Wright (Project Manager) has found a welcoming environment where learning is encouraged. “I think the big difference between Wheelhouse and other gyms here in town is the community. The coaches truly pour into their athletes, and you can’t find that type of investment at most gyms. Everyone who works out at Wheelhouse is super encouraging and kind, which creates a positive environment to work out in. But come Friday it’s Fight Day - so watch out. That’s when the competition heats up!”

“(The community) is so welcoming and you don’t feel intimidated or behind ever,” Trey Jackson, developer, adds. “The most rewarding part of the project was being able to work on something that so many people I know are passionate about. It’s something that the Tele team has really rallied behind and has been excited about.”

Wheelhouse Academy || Don't Just Exercise. Train Like An Athlete. from Telegraph Creative on Vimeo.


Speaking of getting excited, what’s more exciting than a marketing video to get members (and potential members) pumped up? “The vision behind the Wheelhouse video was to create excitement around the fact that a new gym was coming to Birmingham and Luan was heading it up,” Seth Baird (Videographer) says. “I wanted the video to grab the viewer’s attention enough to want to learn more. I wanted to create a video that would be relevant long after its publication.”

With a strong brand and online presence that reflects the gym’s intensity, leadership, and community, we are confident that Wheelhouse is well-equipped to attract athletes from all over the Birmingham area and will continue to grow! Here are just a few more reasons why:


“Wheelhouse is different. They take the time teaching you specific techniques. You’re constantly building upon previous workouts and training your body to keep pushing throughout the week. Luan, Caleb, and Clint have done a great job demonstrating, encouraging, and working with me as I learn. They want each one of us to understand our body and how each workout/technique aligns. The community at Wheelhouse has also been amazing. I meet new people every class and see them throughout the week. It’s been great for our employees and brought a ton of positivity into the office. The energy inside Wheelhouse has definitely found its way into Telegraph. “ (Alex Kistler - Project Manager)


“The coaches are the best and really care about me. Every day they want me to get the best workout. I love working out with my co-workers as well. It keeps me accountable and motivated to go 3-4 times a week.” (Seth Baird - Videographer)

We had such a blast working with David and Luan, and we are grateful for their continued partnership!  To learn more about Wheelhouse Academy, head over to or follow along on their social media pages: