Jin Chung
Jin Chung
December 5, 2016
Taco Bell has a new look.

A lot of design blogs out there are currently attacking how the new logo appears dull and lacking personality, but lacking personality doesn’t necessarily make the logo unsuccessful. Instead of saying the new logo lacks personality, it would be better to say that it lacks personality compared to the old logo.


The new logo, by itself, has plenty of unique characteristics when you compare it to worldwide brands. Instead of just looking at the old logo versus the new, it’s more sensible to see how the logo stacks up globally. In this way, you’re creating space for the brand to grow and be better fitted in the environment it’s in. If you think about how Taco Bell has changed their marketing plans to focus on appealing to young adults in their 20s and early 30s, the updated look is just shifting to suit that voice. They haven’t abandoned their identity by any means, because the iconic mark of Taco Bell will always be the bell.

What we do know about Taco Bell is that they are doing really well in digital marketing. Extremely well. If their marketing is focusing on digital means, why wouldn’t their logo reflect and support that medium? Flat design is more compatible in the digital world because it is more versatile and scalable. Ultimately, the change feels risky, but I believe in the end it will help build an identity for Taco Bell that will foster growth and better user experience.