Seth Baird
Seth Baird
September 27, 2013
Superhero For The Day

It’s not everyday you get to work with superheroes. But then again, a day at Telegraph is rarely comprised of everyday experiences.



Last week, I found myself (Seth here) standing on the roof of Children’s Hospital (which, mind you, isnot a short building). Just as I was taking in the beautiful view of downtown Birmingham from about 13 stories up, Captain America, Spiderman, Batman and Superman strode toward me. Their true identities were the men of Squeegee Cleaning Services and they were about to repel down the building wearing superhero costumes.


You heard me correctly.

Four grown men wearing tights were about to repel down one of the tallest buildings in Birmingham. Why? Well these ordinary men had a special mission today: putting a smile on the faces of hundreds of children currently staying in the hospital. And I was there to capture it all on camera.

While the men and their team finished getting all their gear in order, I made my way down to the floor just below the roof to film the children’s reactions when the men appeared on the other side of the glass. In the waiting room, dozens of kids donning capes, masks and excited faces were pressed against the glass while the Batman theme song played from a nurse’s phone. It was as though the whole room was collectively holding its breath in anticipation…


Suddenly, Captain America, Spiderman, Batman and Superman came into view and the room went nuts! The kids were fist-bumping Superman through the glass, gasping in awe, and tugging their parents toward the window for a better view. I found myself caught up in the moment. I can only imagine what these children and their families go through everyday and what a blessing it was for them to look outside the window and see their favorite superhero waving back at them. These are memories you never forget.


The men spent only minutes with the children on each floor, but those few minutes produced a happiness you can’t put a price on. Only when I came back to the Telegraph office and started to go through the footage, did I begin to realize how much the day meant to the kids. And to me.

I think this experience taught me that true heroes can be ordinary people like you or me. And more than anyone that day, the heroes were the children who showed me strength and courage.

Telegraphers Ali, Cory and Seth with the superheroes!