Alex Kistler
Alex Kistler
June 4, 2014
Social Media’s Status

Okay, let’s be honest. People keep treating social media with the typical “If you build it they will come” strategy. Social media and all the platforms along with them (Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, YouTube, etc) are always in a state of change, constantly trying to please users with new bells and whistles. Their goal is to provide marketers with the best way to connect with their users. Who can continuously take the time to keep up? Well, we can. It’s what we do.


Here’s some hard research on the most interesting developments for 2015. We took at look at the top performing platforms so you can see the most influential information right now.


In February 2015 there was a staggering announcement that over 2 million advertisers are actively using their platform. This was shortly followed by Facebook launching Blueprint to specifically “get in bed” with advertisers. It is a training program to help agencies and marketers create better Facebook campaigns. Naturally, better campaigns means more money for Facebook…duh.

Data shows that social shoppers are seen to spend 9% more money when they visit an e-commerce site via a social media channel than those that do not. (Emotional connection…get it?)


For Twitter’s 9th birthday, the company introduced a one-click, online video and a live-streaming app called Periscope. In addition to the app, Twitter added descriptions to trending topics to make it easier to follow a conversation on mobile – can someone say “hashtag trending”?


The future of display is none other than Social AND Mobile. It is projected that by 2017, Facebook and Twitter will account for 33% of the US’s total digital display ad revenue. To put that into $$ for you, roughly $12 billion (yes, with a “B”) dollars. Mobile ad revenue will drive the majority of this growth.



Instagram overtook Twitter as the second largest social network in the US. Here is the shocker – only 23% of US brands actually have Instagram accounts. Talk about a large $$$ opportunity. Come on, people!


From the standpoint of Millennials, Snapchat is the place to be. 46% of users aged 18-24 are using this platform compared to the 27% using Tumblr and 27% using Vine.


Summarizing with regard to the top performing industries by interaction on Facebook we have: Retail, Travel, Technology, Media/Entertainment and Financial Services, respectively.


If you are thinking about getting into the social game it’s never too late. If you are already present in the social game, and by that I mean you have made a social page and you have asked all your family and friends to like your page, you are desperately in need of help. If you are a business who is actively building campaigns, spending money on social and you still are not seeing the needle move, you need a game changer. Let us take you through some of our case studies and show you where we have made the needle move with pinpointed messaging that works with a media campaign that will help you get more for your money and effort. Give us a shout, email, buzz, or even a telegram. We know how to help you. Until then…Good Luck!