Alex Kistler
Alex Kistler
February 19, 2015
Reel Talk: The 2014 Telegraph Reel

In 2014 Telegraph focused a massive amount of resources into upgrading our video division. Continuing education for Seth and Cory, a facilities upgrade, and of course an equipment upgrade were all a part of the across-the-board effort to keep improving our services offering from the division. The team shot in some exotic locales this year with equally exotic setups. Think “helicopter over a Panamanian jungle” exotic.


Telegraph 2014 Reel from Telegraph Creative on Vimeo.

Behind the Lens: Seth and Cory’s Insight


SETH: The most memorable shoot for me was filming Daybreaker. Witnessing the energy of the people dancing their faces off at 7am in NYC was crazy, so naturally it made for some great video. We were filming for our client Ocho, and the founders showed us the real New York in all its glory- none of the tourist trap stuff.


CORY: Getting to travel and create were the best part of 2014 at Telegraph Branding. Zooming around in a chopper in Panama was a dream come true. I wanted to do that ever since I saw Arnold in Predator in ’87.  New York was a wild time. We spent twelve hours filming for three days in a row, because there was so much we wanted to capture. We got lucky enough to be rolling when The U.S. scored the go-ahead goal in the first World Cup game (Ghana). The crowd reaction in the pub we were filming in was SICK.


We won’t bore you with any more text, because this is a video blog. We’ll let the reel tell the story. Feast your eyes on our year!