Kenslie Mcguire
Kenslie Mcguire
July 25, 2017
Q&A with Birmingham Filmmaker, Steve Moon

Movies and filmmaking have always been an interest of mine.  When I heard there was an extra casting call for a film being shot in Birmingham, I jumped at the chance! I made several friends during the filming and ended up chatting with the director about cameras! After expressing my interest in photography/film, he graciously allowed me to come back to set the next week, but this time to photograph! Being on set was such a thrill and half of the fun was meeting the crew and hearing their stories. I spoke with a man named Steve Moon and he mentioned he was responsible for bringing this film to Birmingham as well as several others. I figured Steve was the one to talk to about Birmingham’s film industry and it went like this:

How did you get involved with movies in the first place?

I've been a producer and director for nearly 20 years. I've always been a writer and it was a natural transition getting into film. I consulted with Kimberly Pearce, director of Boys Don't Cry, on my first film. She gave me great advice. From there I continued to produce and direct independent films.

How/Why were the locations chosen for this movie, Truth?

I chose the location for Truth because I knew that house would be ideal for a haunted house film. I grew up in the area and knew that place well.

What was the selling point for having Truth filmed in the Greater Birmingham Area?

I have worked with one of the producers of this many times in Alabama and I wanted to show him what the Birmingham crew and scene was like.

Where would say that most of the film crew was from for this particular film?

Most of the crew is local to the area. (The) Director is not and (he) typically brings in his dp (director of photography) and gaffer, but for the most part, the crew is local. Birmingham has a tremendous amount of talent and resources to do many films at once.

What would you say are the top reasons that films come to Birmingham/Alabama to shoot?

The top reason people come to Alabama to film in the state’s film incentive. It's a 35 percent rebate for local hire. (The) second reason would be topography and geography. We filmed the USS Alabama on the coast. We have a country style look for a film coming up in Hueytown. (The) third reason would be the talent base. Lots of good crew here. Fourth and fifth reasons would be loyalty and commitment

In the next 10 years, do you envision growth in the film industry for Birmingham/Alabama?

Over the next ten years, films will continue to come as long as the state keeps the film inventive. We are more competitive than most states and have excellent resources. Jobs are being created, prop houses are opening up, and individuals are investing in gear and upgrading equipment for rental.

Overall we have everything it takes to make any budget movie. This is the fourth film I've brought here and I'm bringing in three more currently! We need to educate our public officials on how the economy is impacted through all the money that is spent here!


Be sure to check out “Truth or Dare” on the Sci Fi channel at the end of October.