Mark Jamroz
Mark Jamroz
May 1, 2017
Helping the Helpers.

We’re in the business of helping. We help clients sell more products. We help clients find their voice. We help clients make a connection with their audience. Every now and then, we’re honored to help those whose business is helping others. Such was the case when we worked on the redesign of the website for Big Oak Ranch.

Big Oak Ranch is something of a legend in the Birmingham area. After winning a National Championship in 1973 on Alabama’s football team, John Croyle came to a crossroads in his life. He had offers to play in the NFL, but he chose to follow the Lord’s will. He founded the Big Oak Ranch in 1974. It has since grown into a mission that has led hundreds of children to better lives.

The origin story of Big Oak Ranch is just one of their many remarkable stories. As we moved into the redesign of their website, we wanted to make sure we wound those stories into the content of the website using video, text, and photos.

Here’s their new website:

We kept the design simple and staggered the messaging into sections that lead the user through the site one step at a time. To help them achieve their mission, we focused on multiple calls-to-action, using video as the main driver for leads and donations. The Telegraph team visited the ranches to take photos that captured the warmth, compassion and loving spirit of the brand.


Brand stories rarely come in the “once-upon-a-time” format. Sometimes those stories are told visually. We believe that if you share an interesting and easy-to-remember story, people tend to share that story with others. Take the example of the visual story told within the Big Oak logo:

Those that see this story will share it with others and become de facto advocates for the Big Oak brand. You can almost hear the conversation, “Hey, did you notice there are two helping hands in the logo…?”


The messaging throughout the site is strategically focused on the core value of “Giving Kids a Chance.” It’s not only a message of hope, but it has a silent appeal built in. Who doesn’t want to be part of giving kids a chance? It’s hard to say “no” to a cause like that.

The Telegraph approach centers on finding our audience’s trigger points, making a connection and converting it into action. It’s rare that we have the opportunity to help those who help others. In this case, we were only too happy to help.