Rebecca Terrell
Rebecca Terrell
March 8, 2016
Busting Through A Creative Block

Have you ever stared at a blank document for hours on end struggling to come up with just one idea?

It happens to the best of us. Writers, designers and creators alike struggle with the most dreaded moment of all: the creative block. Being short on ideas can be frustrating, especially when your career relies on them, but the real challenge to a creative block is having the willpower to not give up!

So instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, conquer the blank page with these tips:



You’ve heard it before and we’re saying it again: change up your workspace! When you find yourself in a creative rut, head to the nearest coffee shop or take a walk around the block to find a quiet space outside. You’ll be surprised by how clear your head is when you’re not stuck in your cubicle.



You know that whole left-brain-right-brain dominance theory? Well, turns out you can actually exercise your mind to foster deeper thought processes in the right hemisphere of your brain! So take a break and put your mind through some brain boot camp.



When you hit a creative block, it’s important to search for creative solutions. Whether you chat with other designers or writers, scroll through an instagram feed, or engage in activities that inspire you (like visiting a museum or listening to music), it’s important to look for inspiration beyond your office space. Inspiration is contagious, so get out there!



Sometimes all you can do to make progress is to just walk away and revisit it with a fresh set of eyes. Anxiety over a project can hinder your ability to think creativity. Spend some time relaxing your mind and distracting yourself from the project by engaging in other activities such as exercising or cooking.


Getting started is the hardest part of any project. What are some ways that you breakthrough a creative stump? Tweet us @Telecreative