Rebecca Terrell
Rebecca Terrell
March 3, 2017
Bringing Home the ADDYs.

It may be award season in Hollywood, but in the world of advertising, we channel our inner-celeb at the ADDY awards. Hosted by the AAF Birmingham, the ADDYs recognize and honor the.professionals who set the standard for excellence in Birmingham. It’s always inspiring to see the work of our fellow agencies, but also exciting to showcase our team’s best work throughout the year … and hopefully, celebrate by bringing home a few awards!

This year was an excellent year for our agency. We not only took home a gold ADDY for our work on the branding for the city of Talladega, but also snagged a silver for Big Spoon Creamery’s Truck design, the development of the Saturday Down South mobile app, and the design of TechBirmingham’s Sloss Tech Mural.


"More than anything, we're thrilled for our clients,” Seth Griffin, Creative Director, says “We are a very results-oriented agency and when we not only meet our client's goals but also deliver award-winning work, it's one more thing to affirm we're steering them in the right direction."


While it's fun to look back on all we accomplished, it’s also equally important to take a step back and remember how we got there. We couldn’t have done any of this without our talented team or our amazing clients who push us to work harder and think more creatively. We can’t wait to see what our team will come up with next!

Learn more about each of the projects that took home ADDYs below!




Category: Integrated Brand Identity Campaign
Credit: Seth Griffin, Creative Director; David Hildebrand, Associate Creative Director; Chris Seagle, Art Director; Mark Jamroz, Director of Strategy; Seth Baird, Director; Kara Ingram, Developer; Laura Wright, Project Manager; Erin Mosher, Photographer.



After months of controversy and a failing school system, Talladega’s city leaders needed to find a way to propel the city forward, attract new businesses and put the city on the map as a tourist destination. The rebranding campaign included a new logo, tagline, and tourism website, which captured the spirit of the city in a way that the community could relate to.

“We didn’t want to treat this as a graphic design project and stop at a new logo. Our goal was to come up with a brand and an identity that Talladega could leverage across all city efforts and build on for many years to come,” Seth Griffin, Creative Director, says. “We really embraced the community involvement with this project and used their knowledge of the city and the passion for improvement to guide our creative direction.”




Category: Out-of-Home Installation
Credit: Seth Griffin, Creative Director; David Hildebrand, Associate Creative Director; Alex Kistler, Project Manager.



This past summer, we partnered with TechBirmingham to create a new technology festival called Sloss Tech, which kicked off the beginning of Sloss Music and Arts Festival. Sloss Tech offered thought-provoking presentations and workshops covering the latest in creative thinking, digital marketing, and emerging technologies and had an impressive line-up (Andy Grignon, Robert Scoble and Gary Vaynerchuk!) How did we welcome our out-of-town keynote speakers? With a mural of course!

“I was given full artistic free-reign on a wall that was going to be torn down in a few months,” David Hildebrand, designer, says. “I decided to make some large, attention-grabbing Banksy-esque spray paint stencils of the event speakers. Designed on-screen then transferred to paper and cut, these murals supplied a bold backdrop for photos and created a creative identity for the look of the inaugural Sloss Tech event."




Category: Mobile App
Credit: Seth Griffin, Creative Director; David Hildebrand, Associate Creative Director; Trey Jackson, Developer, Jason Nunnelley, Chief Technology Officer; Alex Kistler, Project Manager.



The SEC’s biggest football news website came to us in July 2016, just 6 weeks before college football season kicked off. They wanted an app to improve the mobile experience and give their readership a seamless way to connect with their brand. The result was an SDS app that works one-handed with thumb scrolls utilizing smartphone “hot zones” and big buttons for easy access. It’s easy and fun and allows users to sort through all the latest SEC football articles, view live scores, check game day schedules and make predictions every week.

“As you can imagine, we are all SEC fanatics here at Telegraph. When you get to work on something you're passionate about, great things are bound to happen and we're thrilled that came through in the end result." - Seth Griffin, Creative Director

"Saturday Down South wanted an app to improve their mobile experience and give their readership a seamless way to stay connected with College Football news,” David Hildebrand, designer, says. “ The underlying design goal was to maintain visual continuity between the website and app and to make to super easy to filter the specific content they care about. The same fonts, color schemes and design elements that made the website so popular were continued in the app design. We wanted football fans to stay connected and up-to-date so we included features to customizable push notifications, live scores, and team.”




Category: Public Transit Ad, Exterior
Credit: Seth Griffin, Creative Director; Jin Chung, Senior Art Director; Laura Wright, Project Manager; Kenslie McGuire, Photographer



Big Spoon Creamery is a small batch, artisan ice cream company that is seriously passionate about their craft. Husband and wife duo Ryan and Geri-Martha O’Hara had a big dream to combine their love for ice cream and love for people, and in July 2014 turned their passion into a business. They started selling their seasonal flavors with a little old school ice cream trike back in 2014. Soon after, they expanded to a truck and asked us to design it.

“What designer hasn't dreamt of designing an ice cream truck? When we were first approached to design Big Spoon Creamery's truck, they already had a brand identity formed (along with a very impressive following on Instagram),” Jin Chung, designer, says. “ It was clear to us that a design that was approachable, classy, and simple really evoked the essence of what BSC stood for. Knowing our main objective of reinforcing the identity that BSC already had really helped in narrowing down the design to its' bare essentials.”