Cory Anchors
Cory Anchors
February 13, 2013
Behind the Scenes: A Festive Look Inside the Studio


Itʼs crazy how one idea can be the catalyst and you can go from having nothing but rejects to having a winner in moments. Welcome to the IP biz.

T’was the Christmas retail season of 2012 and the Telegraph team was nestled together all snug around the conference table. The team was knee-deep into our second brainstorm on behalf of Birmingham retail giant the Pants Store. We were finding the sledding to be tougher than anticipated. Developing an entertaining Christmas themed spot for a robust radio campaign was challenging. After all- hasn’t it all been done before? We were tossing ideas back and forth when the notion to rewrite a classic Christmas jingle as an advertisement came up. This idea was dismissed after a quick google search revealed copyright issues.

The team moved on to other ideas which I did not hear and definitely cannot recall, because I was running through Christmas songs in my head. When all of a sudden there arose such clatter (in my head) that it could only be one thing: Eureka! A holiday brainstorm. A Christmas miracle.

I sprang from my seat and flew to the chalkboard. I remembered “the one.” The song that gets stuck in my dome, on repeat, every single Christmas- “The Little Drummer Boy.” Words started falling into place immediately and by the end of the day, Sir David Hildebrand and myself had a rough version of the song recorded. The fine people at the Pants Store were jolly! The chief pants salesman himself shook with laughter like a bowlful of jelly! To Boutwell he declared! Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!

So after two brainstorming sessions and some studio recording time the team had accomplished the improbable. We found a completely addicting Christmas song and turned it into a successful radio campaign that had the Birmingham metro area listeners whistling, singing, and better yet talking and shopping the Pants Store.

And so this Christmas it wasnʼt “The Little Drummer Boy” that was stuck in my head. Well, it was… But the song was filled with the insanely hilarious and catchy words of the oh-so-sweet holiday discounts available at that Pants Store.

Please oblige us by watching the short behind the scenes video on our time in the studio and see how much truly goes into the creative process and how much we all enjoy our jobs here at Telegraph.