Kevin Mclendon
Kevin Mclendon
April 28, 2014
All Eyes On: Jamtok

When’s the last time Madonna taught you Spanish? Probably never… until now. Our client Jamtok is a music-based learning platform that makes learning a new language easy and fun. With the application of popular songs, Jamtok turns music and gaming into a learning experience.

Here at Telegraph, we coordinated a massive creative effort and created a new website, an awesome animated video and the entire app interface design for Jamtok. With a big project comes big responsibility, and we took them on with a grin and a lot of laughs along the way!


Every new animated video is a such a learning experience. I see each scene as a puzzle that’s waiting to be pieced together. I’m really big on puzzles, so when I complete a scene I feel satisfied. This video definitely taught me a few solutions that I will use in future videos, both animation-wise as well as organizationally.

Attacking this project was a multi-step process. We researched and read up on several users’ stories, scripted a few different ideas, then narrowed them down to storyboard our favorite. After that, the task of bringing the Jamtok video to life became a flurry of animation and motion graphics, audio and sound effects, and syncing and finalizing. The end result was a website and video we are all proud of, and a great show of Telegraph’s talent.









A challenge I faced while working on Jamtok would be balancing the simplicity of the design with the complexity of the goal. I wanted the brand and the method to speak for itself, but there were times when I felt that I wasn’t doing enough design (specifically to the website) to showcase the brand. In the end I think it worked out though and now I’m pretty satisfied with how the design and style emerged. I’m most proud of how mindful I was of the global scale of the brand. I really wanted to make it feel like this was for everyone. I also wanted everyone to get the sense that it’s not hard to learn a language through Jamtok. Keeping the design and illustration minimalistic, simple and flat reinforced that idea.


The depth of the design process involved extensive UI/UX exercises, culminating in hundreds of app screens, buttons, illustrations, characters, and gaming mechanisms. The result is a holistic brand identity, web presence, and app experience that unilaterally reinforce the spirit and mission of making language learning purely fun and games!

You should expect to see Jamtok changing the way people learn languages. With its music-based language learning technique, Jamtok helps connect left and right-brained learning into one complete experience. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll learn a new language before you even realize you’re working!