Rebecca Terrell
Rebecca Terrell
November 16, 2015
7 Instagram Feeds to Spark Your Creativity

There is no doubt about it; Instagram is making waves in the digital storytelling world. While it is often used for sharing cute pictures of your dog or documenting a recent meal, other times it showcases the work of exquisite visionaries and some of the greatest designers and artists of our time. If you use your social platforms to get a heavy dose of creative inspiration (even if it is just for finding the perfect color palette), follow these amazing illustrators, artists and web-designers that keep our team scrolling for days.


Jay Fletcher is a graphic designer, illustrator and art director from Charleston, South Carolina. We are personally having a love affair with his recent project: a clean and timeless line of playing cards. We can’t stop staring. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…


This typography designer from the UK is a go-to in our book. From calligraphy to personal artwork and hand-drawn type, you’ll find all the design inspiration you need to finish up that late-night project.


This account relies on the creativity of others, which is perfect for those projects without direction. Submissions range from illustrations to logo designs and just about everything in between.


If you’re on the hunt for some font-spiration, look no further than this Estonia-based design company. From brush stroke to custom fonts made from untraditional material (think fried eggs, crystals, and corks), their lettering will surely get you thinking outside the box.


Influenced by street signage and urban art, this Australia-based artist and designer is a must-follow. From public art murals to business identity and branding, this graphic designer is all about variety.


It is just like it sounds—typography found in unexpected places. Joe Geis, Brooklyn designer and art director, is the mastermind behind this account. His theme? Hand-lettering on buildings across the world. Prepare yourself; you may develop an intense feeling of wanderlust.


If you were seeking inspiration from the experts, well, you found it. This designer-meets-illustrator has worked with clients like Target, The New York Times, Time Magazine and Esquire. Enough said.


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