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Putting Car Loans in Drive

How we used precise targeting and messaging to revitalize a refinancing promotion and set records for this local credit union.


We focused on the way people look at their financial obligations. That monthly car payment is a drag. Instead of thinking about how much you owe on your car, we turned the tables and posed the question: “What does your car owe you?”


We used a digital media strategy that pinpointed likely car loan refinancing prospects within the 9-county region that Legacy Credit Union serves. The strategy used an algorithm to identify and retarget “lookalikes” whose characteristics matched those of other people who completed loan applications.

In addition, we knew it was unlikely anyone would apply for a loan on the first click and so we heavily retargeted abandoners. The campaign sent gentle reminders to prospects so when they were ready, they could convert.


Outdoor advertising and billboard messaging


What does your car owe you?


Ads were linked to a microsite with a calculator that gave an immediate estimate of what a prospect could save if they refinanced their car loan. It made the process of discovery fun.

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