Crafting Brand Awareness one Pet at a Time.

How we made Sunshine Pet Treats a household name.


Sunshine Pet Treats came to Telegraph in search of brand awareness and cohesiveness. Sunshine Mills is based in Red Bay, AL and houses many pet food brands. The challenge was creating a marketing website, e-commerce website and social media presence that would include all of Sunshine's brands as well as retain a consistent voice and visual presence.



The marketing website was designed to feature all of Sunshine Mill's pet food brands while still having a cohesive brand look and voice. The site features large images of pets and product photos. Telegraph was instrumental not only in the design and developing of the site but also of the photography of all Sunshine's products. Overall, the marketing website tells the story of Sunshine Mills as well as gives pet owners the knowledge they need to select the right pet food brand for their furry best friend.


The e-commerce Sunshine Pet Store website gives pet owners the ability to learn more about their pet food brands as well as purchase pet food treats directly from Sunshine. This magento built e-commerce site features multiple ways for users to shop. Pet owners have the option to either shop by brand, food type or through a detailed filter option. Pet owners will find the majority of their pet food questions answered on the product description pages.


In addition to the marketing site, Sunshine wanted to be able to feature their larger brands, such as Evolve and Triumph, with their own websites. The brand websites capitalize on the personality of the brand and gives ample information to pet owners about their product.


The goal of Sunshine's social media presence is to engage with current fans organically through visual appeal, meaning fun and friendly images that are targeted to the pet loving audience. Engagement with fans is also based on sharing industry information along with educational and entertaining tips. Facebook is used as a customer service tool to answer questions regarding products and tracking consumer complaints.