Kicking off in time for kick-off.

Cue the music for Mission: Impossible. Saturday Down South – the SEC’s biggest football news website – came to us in July, just 6 weeks before college football season kicked off. They wanted an app to improve the mobile experience and give their readership a seamless way to connect with their brand. Given our passion for college football, we lined up on the 25 and accepted the challenge.


Thumbs up. We know what game day is like for most folks. BBQ or beverage in one hand, phone in the other. We designed the SDS app to work one-handed with thumb scrolls utilizing smart phone “hot zones” and big buttons for easy access from a fatter finger. No typing. No tiny “X’s” to close screens. It’s easy and fun. Exactly what a football Saturday is all about.


The newsfeed aggregates all of the latest SEC Football articles, sortable by team.


Stay up to date on the latest scores of the day or hit the drop-down menu at the top to see scores from the previous week.


See what’s to come for your favorite team in the weeks ahead.


So you think you know SEC Football? Make your predictions every week and see how you stack up with the rest of the app’s fanbase.


Fans of the SDS website will appreciate the continuity. The same fonts, color schemes and design motifs that make the SDS website so popular are continued in the app design. If you like the website, you’ll love the app.


We built an API on the main site to pull information from the SDS site to populate the app. It features customizable push notifications, live scores and team info.


The need for speed was essential on this project so we chose to create the SDS app on the ionic framework because it allows for simultaneous development for both ios and Android platforms. We built an existing API on their site to pull breaking news from the SDS website.

Our app team did two-a-days for 6 weeks and we launched a successful app the same weekend the college football season kicked off.


  • Ready in time for college football kick off, the app was downloaded 5,000 times the first weekend.
  • 6 weeks in, the app has been downloaded 35,000 times.
  • Traffic surges Thursday through Sunday with an average of 1500 users at any given time.