Marketing & Branding for Startups ● Case Study by Telegraph
Social media video sharing app

Life, 8 Seconds at a Time

How we helped grow a startup from the ground up.


Startups present a unique situation. It’s a blank slate. So it was with Ocho, a social media video sharing app. All they had was a name and an app in progress. We took it from there.



Ocho is simple. It’s intuitive. It’s visual. We used that as the direction for the logo design. The execution of the logo matched the experience.

logo design for startups


Apps don’t come with an instruction manual. User experience has to be told visually. Plus it has to be operated with thumbs. We did extensive research on touch screen “hot zones” and placed the functional buttons within easy reach.

mobile app design
sign in screen
feed screen
explore screen
profile screen
notifications screen example
UX/UI design for mobile apps
user experience
user interface
app review
startup review
best app of 2014 award


We created a beautiful video to both explain the app and help the Ocho team pitch the concept to venture capitalists.


Form follows function once again. The website tells the story with minimal language that explains the functionality of the app.

marketing campagins for apps


Ocho not only won raves in the press it won the attention of Mark Cuban. He and other investors put in $1.65 million to fund the future growth of the app.

mobile app launch campagin case study