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Putting Lightning in a Bottle.

We used Twain’s stories to connect the past to the present in a smooth brew that goes down easy with a lot of laughs.


During his life, Mark Twain fell on hard times and was known to put his name on everything from cigars to flour to tobacco. A brewing company in Twain’s hometown of Hannibal, Missouri figured it was about time his name was on a beer as well. We were – ahem – tapped for the project, developing logos, labels, brew names and a website for this amazing brewing company and brewhouse.



Twain had such a massive library of work that this project, in some ways, wrote itself. Our biggest task consisted of researching Twain’s best quotes and stories and working them into a narrative that connected with a modern audience. The text on the labels were written in the present tense, as if Twain were still alive and had written them himself. They’re designed to be a companion to the drinker, read as they consume their beer. The stories are fun, smart and full of the Twain wit.


We researched a wide array of logomarks and printing techniques, seeking design styles and typefaces that were authentic to Twain’s time period. We also explored portraits from different periods in his life, finally settling on the younger Twain who seemed more fitting for this brewing company’s personality.

identity branding for beer identity branding for brewery


We named the family of beers, designed the labels and wrote narratives that drinkers were likely to read and share as they had a beverage with friends.



This billboard follows in the tradition of Twain’s ads for his events.


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