Identity creation for Birmingham brewery

100 Years Old and Just
Getting Started

How we helped turn a long-forgotten suburb of Birmingham into the city’s fastest-growing entertainment district. We’ll drink to that!


The Lake brothers came to us with a name and a dream. They had a vision for what was once a saloon, a brothel and a bank to become a local brewery. And not only that, they believed this brewery could be the hub for the rebirth of an entire community.



We did extensive research on the community and discovered that Avondale Park, just a few blocks away, was the home of the city’s first zoo. One of the first residents of that zoo was Miss Fancy, a kindly old Indian elephant who also fancied her beer. The connection was obvious. Who better to be a mascot for our brand than a beer-drinking elephant? We connected Miss Fancy to our audience with the tagline: Trunks Up!


Every project starts on paper. We begin our process with hundreds of sketches, which then elaborate into digital thumbnails. Our final Miss Fancy was a bold, simple mark that works well on many applications from labels to t-shirts.

Logo design process


Each beer was named after an actual person, event or place related to the history of Avondale. The website tells the story of each brew in greater detail, expanding the storyline and deepening our connection with the consumer. Those that read these stories become advocates for the brand, sharing the stories with others.



Bottle label design
Can design for Vanillaphant Porter
Tap handle design
Complete beer can design for Pachyderm Pale Wheat
Avondale Brewing playing cards 1
Avondale Brewing playing cards 2
Avondale Brewing playing cards 3


Print ad design
Birmingham graphic design
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